A repository for working files: Leanne, Tanya and Josie

1. Old files to be edited:

Leanne to check through links and update the Intel model on page 7 and any references to old model.

Leanne to update images to the latest Word 2013 as appropriate.

Leanne - check links, key terms and update resources / activity card./

Tanya to use this to develop new modules 3, 4 and 4.

Leanne to change this into productivity tools

Leanne to incorporate this in to productivity tools module.

We agreed that where possible we would refer back to the lessons in each module.

Josie to collate the final document ,upload and change acknowledgements where needed.
Case studies remain the same.

Next meeting 18th November @ 11 am.

2. Upload final files here: ( please add module number and the new module name ). The module number should now reflect the new Intel curriculum.

Update and upload Rework Modules 24/11/16