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Intel specific resources

Intel has a fabulous website with a range of resources to help you.

1. Did you know that the help guide is available in 30 languages? Have a look at:

2. Have you checked out their online companion site at:

3. Learn more about the program from the DET website at:

Teaching digital literacy: resources that support Intel Learn Easy Steps in the classroom.


June 17th at 12.30pm ~ 1.30pm

sneak peak link
More Web Links used for EASE OF ACCESS set up on digital devices
Google easy search term-Everyone is different uxmastery

•Web Page Link-

•How to Set up Ease of Access on a PC-

How to Set up Ease of Access on a Apple Computer & devices.

•Apple Ipad-

How to Set up Ease of Access on a Android devices & smart phones.

•Android Tablet-
•Android Smart Phone-
•Smart phone –Windows OS

Below are the PowerPoints and other resources from our PD days.

1. December 2014 session:

2. Webinar - 23rd June 2015

Webinar link from 23 June 2015. Once the Webinar has started, please fast forward to 20 minutes when the actual webinar begins.

PowerPoint from Webinar: