for CALD learners - Strategies that Work: project background

The project supports the ACFE Board's aim of boosting digital literacy across the state to promote key skills for a digitally connected society through:

  • improving delivery of the current ACFEB Intel program for CALD learners who have significant language and literacy barriers in accessing training that supports their digital literacy development

  • strengthening current delivery strategies through establishing a Community of Practice to research current pedagogical approaches and methodologies and how these improve outcomes and results for CALD learner groups accessing Intel training

  • enhancing current delivery strategies by exploring how the Intel online resources ( video and audio) can be used to provide teachers and learners with a wider range of online tools for learning.

Specifically, the project will:

1. focus on 4 of the 5 units in the Intel Learn Easy Steps Basic Course: units1,2,3,and 5

2. identify Learn Local organisations who have delivered Intel to CALD learners in 2014 as well as any new providers who deliver in 2015, and invite them to join an online Community of Practice (CoP)

3. conduct focus groups with teachers from the CoP to identify good practice in delivering Intel to CALD learners

4. develop an action learning model and work with 10 - 20 teachers to complete an action learning program as part of the project - to be conducted in terms 1and 2, 2015

4. Collate and publish the results of the project in a "Strategies that Work" resource kit.

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