Intel Learn Easy Steps for CALD Community of Practice 2016

This project aims to establish a Community of Practice for teachers in Learn Locals teaching Intel Learn Easy Steps across Victoria.

During 2016 the Community of Practice will meet online 4 times and have the opportunity to discuss strategies through the wiki discussion forum any time.
The discussion forum will be supported by two very experienced Intel trainers, Tanya Vessey and Leanne Tite - both Intel tutors at the CAE.

For more information, please contact Josie Rose on

Our Community of Practice aims to:

  • develop a better understanding of teaching strategy when using Intel with CALD learners in order to improve student outcomes and better resource our staff who are using the Intel program

  • provide a space where we can share practical ideas and resources with other participants

  • stimulate discussion on how the Intel program may work alongside other programs

  • source targetted resources for tutors

  • promote interaction amongst tutors across the State

  • share resources and learnings re: implementing Intel

  • provide opportunities for face-to-face and online networking and hearing how others are using Intel with their CALD learners.

  • find resources better suited to our CALD learners

  • share more effective ways to engage CALD learners and help them to get the maximum out of the Intel courses

  • provide a support network of Digital Literacy teachers.

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